How can we help with your I.T.

IT Support Cornwall

Welcome to Cornwall's leading IT Support company, ICT Southwest.

Who are we?

We’re an IT company, based in Falmouth, Cornwall.

What do we do?

We provide reliable IT services to businesses predominantly within the Southwest of England. We can help your company with support, set-up, software and many other IT services.

What are we good at?

Saving you money, and making it easier to run your business.
We simplify IT, improve efficiency and lower costs, leaving you to focus what’s important - your business.

How are we different?

Most IT companies make their money by charging you to fix problems when your computers go wrong. We don’t work this way. We’d rather make sure your computers don’t go wrong in the first place. After all, every minute your computers are down is a minute you’re paying staff to do nothing.

Of course, should a problem occur, we have the infrastructure to get there quickly to fix them. We’d just rather prevent problems than cure them.

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